such incest much forbidden


oh the sun, whAt A heArtbreAker

Half-hour speedpaint~!

EDIT: Now with a texture! I can’t decide which is better.

Stolen Ice

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elektra121 whispered:
Hello! How was/is your work? When will you be back again?

hey!! my work was awesome it was a rly great summer all in all

so awkward moment im done my work and i’ve been back for awhile now but getting ready for school and all that has taken up a big chunk of my time 

so hey how are u all im back whats upppp

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Anonymous whispered:
I can't find your old youtubers AU ask posts..... Just wondering if they were deleted I suppose?

whoop here u go friend

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Anonymous whispered:
Is there a masterpost for playlists (for any AU maybe if other AUs have them?)

i…..don’t think there is 


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Anonymous whispered:
yoooo rooting for you nopantsparade. cynical anna au fic, what could be better than that? also playlist for the au: 'Ships in the Night' by mat kearney, 'More than Friends' and 'Start Again' by gabrielle aplin.

so here’s what im thinkin 

we have the fic right and what goes good with fics? playlists!!! 

we already have one made im thinkin we need a whole series of ‘em bc who doesn’t like multiple playlists for the same fic right 

#misc: asks  #go forth my children and make all the playlists  #and then share them here so we can all collectively cry over songs and fics  #Anonymous 

Anonymous whispered:
Did anyone ever write out the Cynical!Anna fic? ;( Just got re-reading them again and THE FEELSSSSS. Also, patching-things-up song: Flaws by Bastille. Maybe after separating for a while, after the Laughter Lines song.

nO IT HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET ((or at least not that im aware of?????))

every time i listen to the bastille album i just have to lay there and think about the cynical anna au and the beauty of it 

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Anonymous whispered:
Confession: Gender-bent Hans is insanely sexy.



Kristoff + Text posts


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Frozen + space

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