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Is there a masterpost for playlists (for any AU maybe if other AUs have them?)

i…..don’t think there is 


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yoooo rooting for you nopantsparade. cynical anna au fic, what could be better than that? also playlist for the au: 'Ships in the Night' by mat kearney, 'More than Friends' and 'Start Again' by gabrielle aplin.

so here’s what im thinkin 

we have the fic right and what goes good with fics? playlists!!! 

we already have one made im thinkin we need a whole series of ‘em bc who doesn’t like multiple playlists for the same fic right 

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Did anyone ever write out the Cynical!Anna fic? ;( Just got re-reading them again and THE FEELSSSSS. Also, patching-things-up song: Flaws by Bastille. Maybe after separating for a while, after the Laughter Lines song.

nO IT HASN’T BEEN WRITTEN YET ((or at least not that im aware of?????))

every time i listen to the bastille album i just have to lay there and think about the cynical anna au and the beauty of it 

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Confession: Gender-bent Hans is insanely sexy.



Kristoff + Text posts


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Frozen + space

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She’s with her true love!

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38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/8bd50cfbf6fde74c776fc4f6d722e6b2/tumblr_n8lu9aJiv01sbq3bmo1_500(.)jpg idk yo, this reminds me of aggressive!punk!anna talking to baby queer!elsa who, as it says in the pic, doesnt have a lot of income from her job (god knows where shes working) and anna just feels the need to get away from her home to the hustle and bustle of the city and decides to drag elsa along for a girls night out/date and elsa reluctantly agreeing to go with in the end


it’s called a fucking date oh my god anna u need to work on ur sweet talk 

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And I Saw the Beast upon a Cold World

Dark AU based on a patronustrip prompt. Small changes in the early years result in greater and greater changes as the sisters grow up, culminating in a much darker future for Arendelle. I’ve tried to keep the characters as true to the movies as I could and the fic will explore what kind of events and people could change a loving and caring pair of siblings into much colder people.

Submitting this to you because I’ve read a lot of the links you’ve posted from here and enjoyed a whole bunch of them, and it’d be a pleasure to think I could do the same for someone else.

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